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Dr. Brent Trela
Winemaker at Whispering Oaks Winery Oxford, FL in 2016

Dr. Brent Trela is a global wine industry start-up specialist, winemaker, and educator with senior level management experience in all phases of winery design, production and management, producing consistently high quality award winning wines, and university education since 1990. Dr. Trela specializes in fruit and wine related agricultural and value added production development projects in temperate to subtropical regions, including expansion into developing countries.

General Winemaking Theory: Dr. Trela’s market influenced style can readily be assessed by sampling his wines already in market, or by observing the numerous wine awards and reading the wine reviews. Dr. Trela believes that wines are made in the vineyard, where the climate, soils and viticulture determine ultimate potential. Traditional techniques, scientific understanding and prevailing technology combine to make the best wines.

Dr. Trela works in the wine, vineyard and distillation industries, offering consulting and analytical services. He specializes in start-up operations, lab setups, and existing wineries with issues, or seeking to modify, enhance and develop their portfolio. Dr. Trela is committed to offering quality confidential consultation at reasonable rates.

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