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Wine Consulting


Dr. Brent Trela, Winemake, Wine Consulting
Dr. Brent Trela – Department of Plant  and Soil Science, Texas Tech University

Alert Aesthetics works with vineyards, farms, and alcoholic beverage producers. We specialize in ciders and wines, offering project management, winemaking, consulting, and analytical services.

Through founder Brent Trela and a team of harvest veteran staff, colleagues and cooperators, we are well aware of the industry’s advances and ongoing challenges while remaining at the forefront of cutting-edge research and development. Alert Aesthetics brings a breadth of personalized technical processing, marketing, management, and insights to support client success. We consult in every growing, wine production, marketing, and sales phase and can assist graphic artists, label designers, and independent consultants. We bring more than 50 years of combined wine industry expertise, from mass market to ultra-premium, start-up to large scale, formula & product development, still & sparkling wine production, compliance, and troubleshooting.

Locations & Clients

Since 1990, Dr. Trela works with a global wine industry client base with numerous growers and wineries spanning Mumm in Napa Valley; Wanaka in Washington, Wise in Western Australia; Matariki in New Zealand; Plumpton in England; Areni and Getnatoun in Armenia; Chateau Miqin in China; and additional work in each of these places, and Colorado, Mexico, Germany, Italy, Republic of Georgia, France, Brazil, Argentina, and Chile. Our foundation comes from working with these tanks of talent- the artisans, business leaders, and innovators in each.


Winery establishment, equipment procurement, and commissioning assistance

Brand concepts and formulations assistance

On-Location Winemaking Services

Regulatory Consulting

Label Consulting

Blending, Barrel Aging, Storage

Lab Analyses

Harvest Fruit Processing

Fermentation Management

Wine Cellaring Operations


We provide accurate answers to exciting questions and fundamental problems with science-based analyses and evidence-based results, not subjective opinions. We also perform wine-must, fermentation, and final product analyses. Dr. Trela is a wine educator & speaker, wine judge, and author.

We are eager to expand our teamwork to provide solutions to client projects, from concept to successful completion.